Solo Shower Cradle

The Solo Shower Cradle is a product which has been designed to facilitate the showering of less abled users. The cradle is fixed in a reclined position and ensures that the client is comfortable and secure. The shower cradle is:

Waterproof: The cradle is capable of being used in either wet rooms or showers.
Durable: The maximum user weight is 175Kg / 27 stone.
Manoeuvrable: The Solo cradle is mounted on four castors which allow the carer/nurse to position the unit easily and secure it in place with the castor brakes.
Machine washable mesh: The mesh covering the Solo can be unzipped and placed in the washing machine when required. With the mesh being coated in Polygiene this protects the mesh from bacteria and prevents cross contamination. Apertures can be put into the mesh, if desired.

The Solo Shower Cradle enables a nurse or carer to wash the user in comfort and with the ability for maneuvering the unit around to suit. The cradle part comes in 2 standard sizes to suit the user’s size and disability. We also offer a bespoke option for this product for those who require an alternative from the standard 2 sizes. Most of the Daily Care Accessories can be adapted to this model, such as:

Ankle Restraints
Body Harness
Flat Pads
Foot Plates
Head Support
Lap Straps
Lateral Support
Overlay Panel
Padded Foot Board
Side Arms
4in Roll

pdf-logoTo view/download the Solo instruction manual, click here: 2017 Solo Instruction Manual

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