Combi Unit Base & Cradle

The Combi 3 in 1 Unit ensures patients a stress-free experience. As well as being easy to operate it guarantees the safety of the client and the carer. The Combi 3 in 1 Unit is:

Manoeuvrable: Easily transported from room to room and positioned where it is required.
Adjustable: Reclines to allow maximum comfort and functionality.
Bespoke: Made to suit individual’s disability, size and to meet their personal needs.
Waterproof: Can be used in a shower, wet room or bath. The mesh fabric is quick drying, anti-bacterial and can be easily removed via Velcro and zips for machine washing.
Reliable & Safe: Manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring minimum maintenance and dependability.

It consists of a Base Transporter together with a small, medium or large cradle which is attached easily to the base. In all situations the client remains seated in the cradle and in the case of bathing the cradle including the client can be hoisted into a standard bath.

For toileting use the unit can be raised into an upright position which allows it to fit over a standard close coupled toilet, a Clos-o-mat or Geberit toilet.

Daily Care offer Bespoke options of their products for those clients who require alternative support from the standard sizes. Another way of customizing your Daily Care product to ensure the client is as comfortable as possible is to select from our range of Accessories. Accessories which can be applied to the Combi 3 in 1 Unit include:

Ankle Restraints
Body Harness
Commode Frame and Pan
Flat Pads
Foot Plates
Head Support
Hoist Straps
In Bath Supports
Lap Straps
Lateral Support
Overlay Panel
Padded Foot Board
Side Arms
Vinyl Cushion/Funnel
4in Roll

The Combi Unit is a product that truly has both the client & carers needs firmly in mind. However to fully appreciate the flexibility & potential of this exciting new product we would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate it to you in person.

youtubeTo view the Combi Unit demonstration video, click here: Combi demo video

pdf-logoTo view/download the Combi Unit instruction manual, click here: 2017 Instruction Manual

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